"Easily the greatest reference work ever published on pro wrestling. A must have for anyone interested in the history of the business.
Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

"Simply put, the 441 page opus is, without a doubt, the single greatest wrestling resource in the entire world. Period. Exclamation point!"
John Molinaro, SLAM! Wrestling

"A superlative reference tool."
PWI Wrestling Almanac

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WTH COVER Wrestling Title Histories
Revised 4th Edition

by Royal Duncan & Gary Will

442 pages, 8½" x 11"
Published by Archeus Communications
ISBN 0-9698161-5-4

No longer available!

Boxes of Wrestling Title Histories had been a fixture in my garage for years, but we got to the point where 1) the remaining books looked like they'd been in boxes in a garage for years and 2) the ever-rising postage costs for the book had become far higher than the price of the book itself (e.g. $61 for international orders). We'd essentially been selling the books at cost for years, and it got to where even that seemed like a high price to pay for an old book.

So that's it -- I have no more print copies to sell and there's no plan to do another edition.

Thanks to everyone who bought a copy of the book -- from the first, purple-covered, plastic comb-bound edition in 1992 through to the final, perfect-bound edition. I was hoping to offer an electronic version of the book (PDF format) at a much lower cost, but the original file for the book isn't anywhere handy (it's probably stored on an old CD), so that's not looking good.

Gary Will
Waterloo, Ontario

Wrestling Title Histories is the most complete record of professional wrestling titles and titleholders ever published. It is cited by wrestling publications around the world as the authority on wrestling's champions and championships.

From coast-to-coast in North America, to Japan and around the world -- from William Muldoon in the 19th century to The Rock -- Wrestling Title Histories is the ultimate guide to pro wrestling's greatest champions.

Over 2,000 titles!

Contains information on titles from the WWF, WCW, ECW, NWA, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, all the old territories -- Florida, Mid-Atlantic, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Detroit, Toronto, Dallas, Portland, Kansas City, St. Louis, Atlanta, Calgary, Memphis, Knoxville, Montreal, Puerto Rico, Mid-South and more -- as well as hundreds of independent promotions from across the U.S. (including now-defunct favorites like Smoky Mountain, the UWF, and the USWA).

See promotion index for the independent promotions you'll find in the book. There's also a sample page from the book for you to take a look at (it may take a few seconds to load).

The new edition includes major title changes (WWF, WCW, ECW) right up to the beginning of 2000.

What is easily the greatest reference work ever published on pro wrestling, the fourth and likely final edition of "Wrestling Title Histories," has just been completed.

The book is exactly what the title indicates. It is a listing of the title histories of virtualy every major pro wrestling championship dating back to the World Collar-and-elbow championship in 1867. It is the greatest published research work ever done on the industry and a must have for anyone interested in the history of the business.

Dave Meltzer
Wrestling Observer Newsletter

"Wrestling Title Histories" is the authoritative book on the history of wrestling titles. It's an unbelievable work, documenting and listing the history behind virtually every wrestling title in the world from the late 1800s to today.

This newest edition comes at the perfect time, as my copy of the old book is falling part. I use it so much that the pages have been dog-eared and flipped through to death. It is an invaluable resource material for this reporter and should be a required text for any self-respecting journalist covering pro wrestling.

That's why you shouldn't be scared off by the $78 Cdn. tag price. It's a landmark book that is well worth the price.

Simply put, the 441 page opus is, without a doubt, the single greatest wrestling resource in the entire world. Period. Exclamation point!

John Molinaro
SLAM! Wrestling

Special thanks to:
Libnan Ayoub, Richard Beaizley, Kirk Beattie, Bruce Beckwith, Jeff Bowdren, Glenn Bray, Kurt Brown, Barton Bucher, Tom Burke, Matt Buziak, Dave Cameron, Jason Campbell, Mike Chapman, Bob Closson, Tim Cox, Ric Davies, Tim Dills, Ron Dobratz, Andrew Ebbeskotte, Jose Fernandez, John Finnegan, Jon Gallagher, Ed Garea, Evan Ginzburg, Anthony Golden, Manuel O. González, Sean Grande, Richard Haynes, Mark Hewitt, George Hill, John Hitchcock, Fred Hornby, Don Jackson, Mick Karch, J Michael Kenyon, Mike Lano, Dan Lark, Dave Leehy, Don Laible, Larry Lovell, Don Luce, Dominic Macika, Brandi Mankiewicz, Kazuhiro Masumodo, Vern May, Jess McGrath, Jim Melby, Mauro Meloni, Dave Meltzer, Roland Messier, Rick Murphy, Bill Needham, Tim Noel, Hazel Odegard, Joe Palumbo, John Pantozzi, Chris Parsons, Pat Premo, Dan Reilly, Mike Rodgers, Howard Roth, Greg Rufolo, Gerhard Schaefer, George Schire, Ross Schneider, Frank Shanly, Steve Sims, Hisaharu Tanabe, Scott Teal, Chuck Thornton, Ray Torres, Ron Valim, Shawn Weaver, David Wenuik & Michael Clark, Ray Whebbe Jr., John Williams, David Williamson, Haruo Yamaguchi, Steve Yohe, and the many others who provided additional pieces to the puzzles we tried to assemble.

"A tremendous reference work."
Sheldon Goldberg

"It is absolutely the most valuable reference material that I own. An incredible job."
Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Live

"A fabulous book. Great reading for the diehard fan."
Bill Apter

"The ultimate reference guide. It's amazing. Wherever you're from, you'll find titles here from your area."
Frank Dusek, Ringside Live

"I am completely blown away by the scope of Wrestling Title Histories! From the WWF down to long forgotten low rent indie promotions in America's backwaters, WTH leaves no stone unturned!. I cannot reccomend this book enough. The $57 is a bargain."
Dan Moreland, pwbts.com

"The single most important historical document ever published on pro wrestling."
Jim Melby

"My copy is dog-eared from daily use. A terrific resource."
Vince Russo

"The ultimate argument settler."
Boston Herald