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Sailor White

Real name: Edward J. White

From Newfoundland. Began wrestling in the early 1970s -- making his debut on a show promoted by Larry Kasaboski -- and became a top heel in Montreal. Has said in interviews that he was trained by Gino Brito.

Wrestled as Big John Strongbo in South Africa in 1979-80. Is quoted as saying in an interview that he enjoyed killing baby seals in Newfoundland with his fist, but the fishery board insisted that he use a baseball bat. A uniquely Canadian way of drawing heel heat, I guess!

Was briefly WWF tag champion as Moondog King in 1981 before being replaced by Moondog Spot. The most repeated story about White is that he is said to have gotten the better of respected tough-guy Billy Robinson in a confrontation. In an interview in 2000, White was still talking about how much he hates Robinson.

His career was cut short by out-of-the-ring problems, including alcohol and drug abuse and a conviction on charges of assault and uttering death threats. These problems were chronicled in White's biography by Dave Elliott, published in 1994.

By 1990, White was out of prison and announced that he was drug free and a born again Christian. Ran as a candidate for the Canadian Extreme Wrestling Party in a 2000 federal by-election in St. John's under the campaign slogan "Parliament needs a Moondog." He finished last in a five-candidate race.

"His hideous opponent, the 310-pound, full-bellied Sailor White was gathering momentum and he confidently bounced his bulk off the elastic ropes from one side of the ring to the other. The blubbery Sailor, in his royal blue butcher top wrestling tights, which exposed so much flesh that all 13 of his tatoos were visible, gets paid to bleed in profusion. It's a trademark." (From Burlington, VT newspaper, April 1979)

"Without regard for his health he continued on his merry course, the weight piling on. When he won the tag-team championship belt in 1981 he had climbed to over 350 pounds. Although drugs never got their hook into the Sailor during the 1970s, the tide began to turn after the championship win. Unable to get back into the States he spent his time between Quebec and Ontario and South Africa." (From SAILOR WHITE by Dave Elliott, 1994)

"White was born and raised in St. John's, Nfld. Although he rose to the top of the wrestling profession, his personal life was in ruins because of drug and alcohol abuse. When he became a Christian, White was able to kick his addictions and turn his life around. Today, his message of hope and deliverance from bondage inspires youth and adults alike." (From THE CHRONICLE-HERALD, October 13, 2001)

Prominent Titles:

  • WWF tag champion, as Moondog King, with Moondog Rex, 1981
  • 2-time (at least) International tag champion (Montreal), 1982-84

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