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Von Schotz (left) and Von Hess doubleteam an opponent

Kurt Von Hess

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Kurt Von Hess & Karl Von Schotz

Real names: Bill Terry & John Anson

NWA World tag team champions in Detroit, who were stars in several territories for a few years in the 1970s. Both were the typical baldheaded "German" heels with the long black leather boots.

Both had initially wrestled under their real names. Von Hess -- with hair -- wrestled in Ontario as Big Bill Terry from the late 1960s to 1970. Made his Maple Leaf Gardens debut as Terry in September 1968. Vos Schotz wrestled as John Anson in his native British Columbia.

In Toronto, they wrestled as a team at Maple Leaf Gardens shows between October 1972 and November 1973. They were 5-time world tag champions in Detroit in 1972-74. They also held New Japan's version of the North American tag title in 1974.

After their run as champions, Von Schotz grew in his hair and became the lead face for a short-lived renegade promotion in Southern Ontario. He also worked in Calgary and twice won the Stampede North American title in 1976-1977. As John Anson, he wrestled in Vancouver and Portland until he retired.

Von Hess remained a heel and later formed a tag team with John Quinn that was also very successful, winning the IWA tag title in Japan in 1977. A Tennessee program from 1980 says that Von Hess (shown with hair) was teaming with Randy Collins, who became better known as Moondog Rex.

Von Hess continued to wrestle for the Tunneys in Toronto until 1984. In one memorable match, he subbed for Buzz Sawyer in a dog-collar match against Roddy Piper in January 1984. He retired in 1986 after being diagnosed with kidney problems. He received a kidney transplant in 1996, but died three years later from a heart attack at age 56.

"When Kurt Von Hess entered Benny Lima's gym in Canada in 1967, he was interested in becoming a professional wrestler. He started serious training with Lima, and in 1969 Lima decided his charge had absorbed all the training he needed to make it inthe sport, and they lined up his first professional match. It was a 10-minute televised match on CFTO Channel 9 from Toronto." (From WRESTLING REVIEW, 1983)

"He was 45 when he started losing weight and began battling fatigue. "There were several tests before they found out my kidneys were shutting down." He was on dialysis for six years and his weight dropped to 165 pounds. "It was depressing. I tried working out, but I had no strength and I was having blackouts." Terry, 56, spent six years on a waiting list and got the call April 11, 1996. "I don't know who the donor was or how he died, but I'm alive because he took the time to sign a donor card." (Mike Hanley, HAMILTON SPECTATOR, June 10, 1998)

"Inside the ring, he was a master of the elbow smash, drop kick and choke hold. Outside the ring, he was Bill Terry, a gentle, loving husband, father and grandfather. "I only wish people could have known him outside the ring," says Paige Terry, his daughter. "He was the kindest person you could ever meet." Terry, 56, died Saturday at his west Hamilton home. Cause of death is believed to have been a heart attack." (Mike Hanley, HAMILTON SPECTATOR, March 16, 1999)

Prominent Titles:

  • 5-time NWA World tag champions (Detroit), 1972-74
  • Tag champions (Montreal), 1972
  • NWA North American tag champions (New Japan), 1974

    Von Hess alone:

  • Stampede North American champion, 1971
  • NWA World tag champion (Detroit), with Kurt Von Brauner, 1975-76
  • Canadian tag champion (Vancouver), with John Quinn, 1976
  • IWA World tag champion (Japan), with John Quinn, 1977

    Von Schotz alone:

  • 2-time Stampede North American champion, 1976-77
  • Canadian tag champion (Vancouver), as John Anson, with Don Leo Jonathan, 1976
  • Canadian tag champion (Vancouver), as John Anson, with Ski Hi Morse, 1977
  • NWA Pacific Northwest tag champion, as John Anson, with Ron Bass, 1977

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