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Frank Valois around 1970

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Frank Valois

Wrestler, Montreal office worker, and the man who often accompanied Andre the Giant/Jean Ferre to matches in the early 1970s.

Began wrestling in 1940 as an 18-year-old in Montreal. According to one report, he was trained by former lightweight world champion Eugene Tremblay. Billed at 6'2" and 230 pounds, and described in 1947 as "strictly a scientific gripler who relies upon speed, agility, and aggressiveness to win." Later became a riot-causing heel, using an atomic drop as his finisher. Its legality was challenged and upheld by the NWA in 1954.

Made his Maple Leaf Gardens debut in 1948 and wrestled there, off-and-on, until 1962. In 1952, he wrestled in main events in Toronto as the Masked Marvel, until being unmasked by Red Mask at the end of the year.

Valois occasionally wrestled on the undercard of shows where Andre was working as a headliner in the 1970s.

Partnered with Gino Brito and Andre to launch a wrestling promotion in Montreal in 1980.

"Valois is a newcomer to the east. He did appear once or twice in Boston a few years back, but only in preliminary bouts. This year, however, he has developed into a headliner and it looks as though he is going to equal or surpass the feats of Yvon Robert and Larry Moquin, two other celebrated French-Canadians." (From THE RING, April 1946)

"Prior to leaving on tour, Valois was a clean, hard wrestler. However, during his tour of Europe, he developed a new style which was rough and tough. His favorite hold was the Cobra hold which European wrestlers came to fear and respect. However, since his return to Canada, his favorite hold is the reverse choke headlock, which never fails to knock out his opponents." (From WRESTLING AS YOU LIKE IT, Nov. 21, 1953)

"Valois is a well-built man, stands 6'2" and tips the scales at 240. His style is versatile and at times he shows great skill and science, and other times features a roughhouse attack, but can hold his own in any style." (From WRESTLING AS YOU LIKE IT, March 20, 1954)

Prominent Titles:

  • 2-time NWA Texas tag champion, with Andre Bollet, 1959
  • Asian tag champion (Japan), with Dan Miller, 1960

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