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Chris Tolos & John Tolos

Star tag team in the 1950s and 1960s, known as the "Canadian Wrecking Crew" (or the "Hamilton Wrecking Crew" in Canada). Initially trained by Wee Willie Davis. Recognized as world tag champs in Florida, Detroit, and Vancouver, and held the top tag title in the WWWF, defeating Killer Kowalski and Gorilla Monsoon in 1963.

Although they were from Hamilton, the Tolos Brothers didn't wrestle at Maple Leaf Gardens until 1957. By then, they were already well-established from their work in other territories. They only wrestled in Toronto for a few months and didn't return until 1960. Held the Toronto version of the International tag title in 1962. Chris eliminated Crusher Lisowski to win a battle royal in Minnesota in early 1966 and the two feuded in the AWA territory for four months. Getting back together with John, they were the top tag team in Vancouver in 1967. The following year, John held tag titles in Vancouver with other partners while Chris had a memorable feud in Omaha against Mike DiBiase (Ted's father).

In the 1970s, Chris stayed in Hamilton and worked as a prelim guy for Frank Tunney in Toronto until 1980. John went to Los Angeles and became the area's top heel (usually) and a legendary interview. In 1970, John was one of the first to hold the United National title, which today is one of the three belts comprising All Japan's Triple Crown. He continued to wrestle into the 1980s and, as a manager, worked briefly for the WWF as Coach in 1991.

"As they grew up in Hamilton, Chris and John Tolos were husky boys and natural born athletes. They liked all sports in school and excelled at football, hockey, lacrosse, and track. They also did a good deal of amateur wrestling along the way, and John won the intercollegiate title while a student at McMaster University. Chris, the older of the two, was the first to start his pro career in a match in Buffalo. John had been wrestling as an amateur for about 3 years and was just 20 when Chris got a pro bout for him in Syracuse.

"Both Tolos boys like to use drop kicks and, in addition, Chris likes flying head scissors and the Boston crab while John uses kneedrops and body slams. John is the taller and heavier of the two, 6'2" and 240, while Chris stands 6 feet and weighs 220." (From WRESTLING AS YOU LIKE IT, Jan. 2, 1954)

"Travel broadens one, the saying goes. It also makes some persons mean. Such as wrestlers Chris and John Tolos. The Tolos Brothers, who went away two years ago real good guys came back meaner than hungry piranahs." (From Toronto Telegram, August 21, 1960)

Prominent Titles:

  • Southwestern tag champions (Texas)
  • Pacific Coast tag champions, 1953
  • International tag champions (Toronto), 1962
  • WWWF U.S. tag champions, 1963
  • NWA World tag champions (Florida), 1964
  • NWA World tag champions (Detroit), 1964
  • 2-time Canadian tag champions (Vancouver), 1967
  • 2-time World tag champions (Vancouver), 1967


  • NWA Texas tag champion, with Duke Keomuka, 1958
  • Canadian tag champion (Vancouver), with Black Terror, 1966
  • World tag champion (Vancouver), with Tony Borne, 1966
  • Canadian tag champion (Vancouver), with Dutch Savage, 1968
  • Canadian tag champion (Vancouver), with Don Leo Jonathan, 1968
  • NWA United National champion (Los Angeles), 1970-71
  • 9-time NWA Americas champion (L.A.), 1971-75, 80
  • 3-time Beat the Champ TV champion (L.A.), 1971-72
  • 2-time Brass Knucks champion (L.A.), 1974
  • 3-time NWA Americas tag champion (L.A.), 1975-76
  • Pacific Coast champion (Vancouver), 1976
  • Western States tag champion (Amarillo), with Mr. Sato, 1979
  • Western States champion (Northern California), 1982

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