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Sweet Daddy Siki

Wrestling CHUM DJ Terry Steele

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Sweet Daddy Siki

"Mr. Irresistible." Originally from Texas. Began wrestling in the mid-1950s. Made his Maple Leaf Gardens debut in 1962 and wrestled there until 1980. Was something of a celebrity in Toronto, where he also made appearances as a country singer. Continued to wrestle into the 1990s.

Was affiliated with a Toronto wrestling school through the 1980s and to the mid-1990s, initially in partnership with Johnny Powers.

In the 1970s, Siki wrestled two well-known radio & TV hosts in Toronto -- CHUM radio's Terry Steele and CITY-TV's Gene Taylor. He used an airplane spin as a finisher in both matches.

"The most publicized wrestler on the grappling scene today is Sweet Daddy Siki. He is known as the Negro Gorgeous George and is as tough as they come. Sweet Daddy has been a main eventer several times at Madison Square Garden in New York, as well as other cities in the U.S. He has been headlined in all the big sports magazines and newspapers and is certainly a most publicized figure." (From Ft. Worth, TX newspaper, Feb. 4, 1963)

Prominent Titles:

  • International tag champion (Toronto), with Bulldog Brower, 1962
  • Canadian tag champion (Vancouver), with Kinji Shibuya, 1963
  • NWA Texas champion, 1963
  • Stampede North American champion, 1970
  • NWA North American champion (Hawaii), 1971-72
  • Hawaiian tag champion, with Moondog Mayne, 1971
  • 2-time WWC North American champion (Puerto Rico), 1983-84

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