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George & Sandy Scott
Sandy Scott & George Scott

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George Scott & Sandy Scott

Very successful brother tag team from Hamilton. George was the older of the two and was originally trained by John Katan and others in Hamilton. Sandy followed into professional wrestling in 1953, and they continued to perform into the 1970s.

George worked on small shows in Ontario in the late 1940s and had his initial success in Toledo. Made his Maple Leaf Gardens debut in November 1950. Was badly injured in a match against Buddy Rogers in 1952. Began wrestling for Stu Hart in 1954 and formed a tag team with Sandy that year.

Sandy (real name Angus) had been wrestling in the Toronto area in 1953 for a minor league group called the International Wrestling Association, where he was often in main events. Sandy's Maple Leaf Gardens debut was in July 1955, with George as his tag partner. The Scotts each made their final Gardens appearances in opening matches in the summer of 1956.

It was in Stampede that the Scotts had their greatest success. They won the Stampede version of the Canadian tag title in 1954. Defeated Chris & John Tolos for Calgary's top tag title in 1958 and traded the belts with the Vachons the following year. They were again tag champions in Stampede in 1963. The Scotts also held tag team titles in Indiana (1962 and 1964) and were 3-time IWA tag champions in Australia between 1966 and 1968.

After retiring as an active wrestler in 1973, George became one of the best matchmakers in the business. He worked with Jim Crockett in the Carolinas for almost 10 years and was responsible for bringing in Johnny Valentine, the wrestler who revitalized the territory. George became a partner with Crockett in Frank Tunney's Toronto office. He says he paid $100,000 for a third of the office and claims to have received $500,000 after suing Jack Tunney and his partners when the WWF took over in Toronto in 1984.

In 1981, George left Mid-Atlantic for Atlanta, where he did not have a good run. He also briefly worked for a promotion in Oklahoma. George bounced back to become the booker for Vince McMahon's WWF as it became the dominant promotion in North America. After leaving the WWF in 1986, he briefly worked for Fritz Von Erich in Dallas, and later went back to work for Crockett in 1988, but lightning didn't strike twice and his run was brief. He started up a promotion in the Carolinas called South Atlantic Pro Wrestling in the early 1990s. It got off to a promising start but shut down in 1994.

Behind the scenes, George and Sandy were frequently at odds with each other. Sandy was often seen in the early-1980s on Jim Crockett's Mid-Atlantic TV show where he was billed as the "special NWA representative." In a famous match from 1983, Sandy Scott awarded the NWA U.S. title to Greg Valentine because the ear of reigning champion Roddy Piper was bleeding excessively in a defense against Valentine. He made an appearance as guest referee in the Maple Leaf Gardens main event on April 10, 1983, featuring Ric Flair defending the NWA title against Piper. Sandy worked with Jim Cornette's Smoky Mountain Wrestling from 1991-1995.

"George Scott is an exponent of the fast scientific style of grappling. He deals in the aerial tactics the fans love: the flying headscissors, dropkicks, and spectacular flying toe holds and other grips which mean action in any language." (From Beaumont, Texas program, August 1961)

Prominent Titles:

  • Canadian tag champions (Alberta), 1954
  • 2-time AWA tag champions (Indiana), 1962, 1964
  • 3-time IWA World tag champions (Australia), 1966-68

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