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Reginald (left) and Hartford, the Love Brothers

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The Love Brothers: Hartford Love & Reginald Love

Real names: Wes Hutchings & John Evans

From Newfoundland (Hartford) and Hamilton (Reginald). Not really brothers. Both trained in Hamilton and initially wrestled under their real names. Formed a tag team in 1968 with a great gimmick for the time: two guys in psychedelic pants and beads, with "love" and "brothers" in their name, who of course were vicious heels. Billed from Massachusetts.

Primarily wrestled for promoter Pedro Martinez in Cleveland and Buffalo and Frank Tunney in Toronto. Made their Maple Leaf Gardens debut in November 1969 and wrestled as a team in Toronto until June 1975.

Reginald Love worked in singles matches and with other tag partners at Maple Leaf Gardens until October 1977. He was seen briefly in "Blood & Guts" -- a 1978 wrestling-related movie that was filmed in Toronto and starred William Smith.

Hartford Love continued to wrestle into the 1980s, and appeared on several shows in his home province, often promoted by George Cannon. He worked for Cannon in opposition to Tunney in Toronto in 1976, including working a show at the Exhibition Coliseum that bombed. Held the Central States tag title with Jerry Brown in 1979.

"Coming along like a house afire in the past couple months is the swashbuckling tag team of Hartford and Reggie Love. They offer a new approach to the tandem style of wrestling with their mod ring togs and an attack that confuses and bewilders their opponents. Master of all holds, the agility and speed of this capable duo from Boston are their greatest assets. They see as much action outside the ring as inside." (From WRESTLING MONTHLY, February 1972)

Prominent Titles:

  • World tag champions (Cleveland), 1969
  • NWF U.S. tag champs, 1973
  • 2-time International tag champions (Toronto), 1974


  • WWC North American champion (Puerto Rico), 1977
  • NWA Central States tag champion, with Jerry Brown, 1979

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