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Jos (left) and Paul Leduc

Carl Leduc towers over his dad

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Jos Leduc & Paul Leduc

Real names: Michel Pigeon & Paul Leduc

Popular tag team champions in Montreal in the early 70s, using a lumberjack gimmick. Initially wrestled for the Rougeaus, but went to rival Grand Prix. Jos was big and strong, and Paul looked pretty small next to him. Not really brothers. According to Paul, both wrestlers were trained by Stu Hart and first wrestled as a team in Calgary in 1968.

Jos's primary finisher was the one-armed backbreaker. He ended Johnny Rougeau's final reign as Montreal International champion in 1971. Jos went on to have a successful career as a top heel in the Southern U.S. -- a consistant headliner through the 70s and early 80s.

Crest Paul was married in the ring on a show in Montreal in 1971. His son Carl Leduc has been training with Stu and Bruce Hart and wrestled as Carl the Lumberjack in a tryout with the WWF in April 1996. In his bio, he calls himself a "new generation style" wrestler who likes to do moves off the top rope.

"From the city of Godbout in Quebec hail Jos and Paul Leduc. As a team these lumberjacks are invincible. Once inside the ring, the Leducs' explosive style of wrestling never fails to excite the crowd. The Leducs constantly combine the lightning fast speed of Paul with the brute strength of Jos to perfection. Jos, the younger of the two, can definitely be classified as one of the strongest men in the world. "At one time we were considered villains," Jos stated, "but the people have changed their minds about us. Our style, though, hasn't changed." (From WRESTLING REVUE, January 1973)

Prominent Titles:

    As a team:
  • 2-time Grand Prix tag champions (Montreal), 1972-73
  • NWA Florida tag champions, 1973

    Jos alone:

  • International champion (Montreal), 1971
  • Tag champion (Montreal), with Tony Baillargeon, 1971
  • NWA Southern champion (Florida), 1973-74
  • Memphis Southern tag champion, with Jean Louis, 1978
  • 3-time NWA Florida champion, 1978, 83
  • 3-time U.S. tag champion (Florida), 1979
  • 3-time Southeastern tag champion (Tennessee & Alabama), with Robert Fuller, 1980-81
  • 5-time Southeastern champion (Tennessee & Alabama), 1981-83
  • Commonwealth champion (New Zealand), 1981
  • Alabama champion, 1982
  • 2-time NWA Mid-Atlantic TV champion, 1982-83
  • 2-time WWC North American champion (Puerto Rico), 1986

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