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Sandor Kovacs

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Sandor Kovacs

Wrestler and promoter in B.C. Born in Hungary and grew up in St. Catharines. Served in the Canadian Navy during WWII. Began his pro wrestling career after the war and wrestled into the 1960s. Trained as an amateur by Cliff Chilcott and as a pro by Stu Hart. Described in 1947 as "a speedy youngster who knows his holds."

Wrestled for the Atlas group in Toronto in 1947, including a main event at Oakwood Stadium against Frank Hewitt. Had a main event match against Antonino Rocca in New York in January 1950. Ended that year wrestling in Buffalo. Made his Maple Leaf Gardens debut in January 1952. Worked opening matches and mid-card throughout his career in Toronto. Returned to Toronto in 1954.

Went out west and won the Hawaiian tag team title in 1955 with Johnny Barend. Wrestled in Northern California in 1955-56 and made some main event appearances. Challenged Lou Thesz for the NWA title in a San Jose match in September 1955. Began promoting matches in the late 1950s with Pedro Martinez in upstate New York. Worked as a booker for Stu Hart in Calgary and Eddie Quinn in Montreal.

Wrestled in Toronto again in 1957 and 1959 and was there until the end of 1961. Moved to Vancouver and worked as booker for promoter Rod Fenton before buying the promotion with Gene Kiniski and Don Owen. Also promoted in the state of Washington until selling the rights to Dutch Savage in the early 1970s.

Returned as a wrestler to Toronto for one match in 1967 and made his final Maple Leaf Gardens appearance in 1969 (probably because Kiniski was in the main event). Continued to promote in Vancouver to 1977 when he sold the office to Al Tomko. Came back to promote WWF shows in Vancouver in the mid-1980s.

"He has met all the top notchers with good success. He is as fast as a cat and knows all the holds and tricks of the trade -- requirements of a first-class matman." (From THE RING, April 1947)

"Several wrestlers who commenced their careers as clean type grapplers have performed an about face. Sandor Kovacs started out as a model mat man, clean, fast, and sincere. Now Sandor is a toughie with a tremendous amount of box office appeal." (From WRESTLING, May 1951)

Prominent Titles:

  • NWA Hawaiian tag champion, with Johnny Barend, 1955
  • NWA Pacific Coast tag champion, with Enrique Torres, 1956
  • NWA Canadian tag champion (Vancouver), with Dan Miller, 1962

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