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Don Jardine / The Spoiler

From New Brunswick. The master of the iron claw. Began wrestling in the mid-1950s and made his Maple Leaf Gardens debut in 1959 as Don "Babyface" Jardine, a protege of Whipper Billy Watson. Wrestled prelims in Toronto until 1961 and returned briefly in 1964.

Wrestled NWA champion Lou Thesz on TV in St. Louis in 1964. Wrestled in Vancouver and Portland and challenged Gene Kiniski for the NWA title in 1966.

Became one of the top masked wrestlers in the Southern U.S., particularly in Texas where The Spoiler was created by Fritz Von Erich (Jack Adkisson) in 1967. Walked the top rope like The Undertaker would do in the 1990s.

Was unmasked in Texas in 1972 by Billy "Red" Lyons and Red Bastein and identified as Don Jardine. He continued to wrestle under the mask as The Spoiler in Texas and Oklahoma.

Became the Super Destroyer and was brought into the Carolinas by George Scott in 1973. Was one of the key guys (along with Johnny Valentine) who turned the Mid-Atlantic territory around and established hot singles wrestling programs in what had traditionally been a tag team territory. Challenged Jack Brisco for the NWA title as both the Super Destroyer and The Spoiler.

Wrestled Harley Race for the NWA title in a Houston main event in 1979. Held the Georgia-based NWA National title and was briefly billed as National champion by the WWF after it bought out Georgia Championship Wrestling in July 1984.

Promoted some shows in Tampa in 1993-94. Lives in Alberta.

"Don Jardine from Moncton, New Brunswick, is another likeable newcomer who is coming along in leaps and bounds under the tutelage of Whipper Billy Watson." (From THE RING, April 1960)

"Gary Hart showed up here with Spoiler 1, a 275-pound, 6'7" giant. Hart said that Spoiler 1 had a surprise that he was waiting to spring. In San Antonio on TV, Hart and Spoiler 1 were matched against Billy Lyons and Paul DeMarco. Spoiler 1 unveiled his surprise. It was the Iron Claw hold. Spoiler won after leaving the losers a bloody mess. Hart said that Spoiler's hold was called the "Hart Krusher." Spoiler used a glove with the fingers cut out which caused some wrestlers to cry foul." (From THE RING WRESTLING, February 1973)

Prominent Titles:

  • Canadian tag champion (Vancouver), with Dutch Savage, 1966
  • 2-time World tag champion (Vancouver), with Dutch Savage, 1966-67
  • 3-time NWA American tag champion (Texas), 1967-68
  • 5-time NWA American champion (Texas), 1968-71, 79
  • 2-time Texas champion, 1968
  • Brass Knucks champion (Texas), 1968
  • 2-time IWA World tag champion (Australia), with Waldo Von Erich, 1969
  • Mid-South North American champion, 1969
  • Mid-South U.S. tag champion, 1971
  • 2-time NWA Georgia champion, 1975-76
  • 3-time NWA Florida champion, 1978, 81
  • NWA Southern champion (Florida), 1978
  • TV champion (World Class), 1979
  • 2-time NWA National champion (Georgia), 1984

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