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Archie Gouldie

Mongolian Stomper

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Archie "The Stomper" Gouldie / Mongolian Stomper

From Carbon, Alberta, northeast of Calgary. Played CFL football with Saskatchewan and ended up becoming one of Stu Hart's biggest stars in Calgary, holding the top title in the Stampede promotion eight times between 1968 and 1984.

Trained with Hart and worked in Calgary as a prelim wrestler. Wrestled early in his career in Amarillo, Texas for Dory Funk. Became a star in the Central States territory in Kansas City after being renamed the Mongolian Stomper in 1964. Challenged Lou Thesz for the NWA title in a St. Joseph, MO main event in 1964. In Kansas City, won the Central States title in 1965 and challenged Gene Kiniski for the NWA title in 1966. Returned to Calgary in 1968 as a main eventer, wrestling as Archie "The Stomper" Gouldie.

Had additional matches for the NWA title in the 1970s against Harley Race, Jack Brisco, and Terry Funk. Had championship runs in Florida, Memphis, and Knoxville in the 1970s. Only wrestled in Toronto twice, working mid-card on two shows in August 1974.

Wrestled on top in Georgia, Alabama, Calgary, and Knoxville in the 1980s. Kept an excellent physique through his career. Set a world record performing 1,800 situps in an hour while wrestling in Alabama. Jeff Gouldie briefly wrestled as Stomper's son in 1983-84, but was not actually related. He's best remembered for receiving a broken collarbone in a vicious attack by Bad News Allen. Allen's actions at that time were so brutal that long-time Stampede announcer Ed Whalen quit in protest. Stomper later defeated Allen for his final reign as Stampede North American champion.

Continued to make appearances in the 1990s while working for the Knoxville sheriff's department. Frequently wrestled for Smoky Mountain Wrestling in the early 1990s. Was among the legends recognized at a 1994 Smoky Mountain show in Knoxville. Wrestled in an all-legends match that night, teaming with Ron Garvin against Bob Orton Jr. and Dick Slater. Made his final Smoky Mountain appearance in September 1995, winning a battle royal.

"When he's through counting his bruises, he'll revert to the farm life he left in Carbon, Alberta, when he embarked an his wrestling career. The Stomper credits Stu Hart with launching his career and adding polish to his techniques and strength to his body. He's come a long way since he left Hart's basement gym a decade ago." (by Hal Walker, from the CALGARY HERALD, Jan. 6, 1974)


  • 2-time NWA Central States champion, 1965, 72
  • U.S. champion (Iowa), 1966
  • NWA World tag champion (San Francisco), with Ciclon Negro, 1966
  • 4-time NWA Central States tag champion, 1966, 70, 72
  • 8-time Stampede North American champion, 1968-84
  • 2-time NWA Southern champion (Florida), 1974-75
  • 2-time NWA Southern champion (Memphis), 1975, 79
  • 9-time NWA Southeastern champion (Tennessee), 1976-79
  • NWA Southeastern TV champion (Tennessee), 1977
  • NWA National champion (Georgia), 1980
  • 2-time Southeastern champion (Alabama), 1980, 81
  • Southern champion (Knoxville), 1981
  • Southeastern tag champion (Alabama), with Jimmy Golden, 1981
  • Southeastern tag champion (Alabama), with Stomper Jr., 1982
  • Southwest champion (San Antonio), 1982
  • WWC Puerto Rican champion, 1982
  • Southeastern Brass Knucks champion, 1983
  • CWA International champion (Memphis), 1985
  • 3-time USA champion (Knoxville), 1988
  • CWF tag champion (Knoxville), with Jimmy Golden, 1989
  • 2-time ASCW champion (Knoxville), 1990
  • SSW champion (Tennessee), 1994

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