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The Baillargeon Brothers

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The Baillargeon Brothers

Six wrestling brothers from St. Magliore de Bellechasse, Quebec --Paul, Adrien, Tony (Antonio), Jean, Lionel, and Charles. Billed as "the strongest brothers in the world" they were all weighlifters with impressive physiques.

The two biggest were Adrien at 6'5" and Paul at 6'3". Paul could reportedly climb a telephone pole with a horse strapped to his back while Adrien could allegedly lift a platform with 17 men on it. One report has Adrien lifting 255 pounds above his head with one arm.

Tony's career was the longest -- beginning in the late 40s and continuing into the 70s. Charles's career was cut short when he suffered a broken back in a car accident. He went on to manage the hotel owned by his brother Paul.

"Their feats of strength have been recorded by the newsreel cameras and no doubt you have seen them in your local theaters." (From THE RING, April 1950)

On Adrien: "He throws 250-pound giants around the ring as if they weighed 25 pounds. Some of the grunters are afraid they might be seriously hurt by this Canadian who doesn't know his own strength. He can render a man unconscious with his bear hug and in the process is very likely to snap a few ribs." (From THE RING, July 1951)

"Paul Baillargeon is probably the strongest man alive, but what is more important he can grapple and is picking up knowledge in every match. Standing six feet three inches, Paul weighs 240 pounds, and is a real test for anybody. Adrien Baillargeon, Paul's brother, is now living in America where he is in constant demand by all promoters. Thirty-two years old, he stands six feet five inches and weighs a solid 240 pounds." (From WRESTLING AS YOU LIKED IT, Jan. 30, 1954)

Prominent Titles:

  • NWA World tag champions (San Francisco), 1957 [Paul and Adrien]

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