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Abdullah the Butcher

The Madman from the Sudan

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Abdullah the Butcher

Real name: Larry Shreve

From Windsor, but billed as the wild man from the Sudan. Star heel around the world, best-known for carving up opponents' foreheads with foreign objects ... and getting his own forehead carved up. Had so much scar tissue, he could start bleeding from a good turnbuckle shot. Today, it's hard to believe how much heat he could get from a running/flying elbow smash, but it was an awesome finisher in its day.

Began wrestling as Abdullah in 1967, but there are rumours that he is several years older than he claims and that he actually started wrestling years earlier under his real name. First made it big in Vancouver, then moved on to success in the Montreal and Calgary territories. Made his first trip to Japan in 1970. Was also a huge star in Puerto Rico.

Set a Montreal record, wrestling against Johnny Rougeau on July 17, 1972 at Jarry Park (then the home of the Expos). It was the main event of a card that drew over 26,000 fans and a $100,000+ gate.

Didn't make his first Toronto appearance until the end of 1974. Won All Japan's biggest annual tournament -- the Grand Champion Carnival -- in 1976 and 1979.

Is now in his 60s and still wrestles in Japan and Puerto Rico.

Was never supposed to be able to speak English, so he worked with several managers through the years, including Eddie "The Brain" Creatchman, J.J. Dillon, Gary Hart, Bearcat Wright, Rock Hunter, and many others.

Lives in Atlanta. Owns and manages a restaurant there called Abdullah the Butcher's House of Ribs and Chinese Food and is friendly with fans that come in, from the reports I've heard. InfoSpace gives the following listing: Abdullah the Butcher's House Of Ribs, 2387 Fairburn Rd SW, Atlanta, GA 30331-5242.

Prominent Titles:

  • World tag champion (Vancouver), with Dr. Jerry Graham, 1967
  • Canadian tag champion (Vancouver), with Dr. Jerry Graham, 1967
  • 4-time Montreal International champion, 1969-71, 1987
  • 5-time Stampede North American champion, 1970-73
  • NWF World champion, 1972
  • Commonwealth champion (New Zealand), 1974
  • NWA World tag champion (Detroit), with Killer Brooks, 1974
  • NWA U.S. champion (Detroit), 1975
  • NWA Georgia champion, 1975
  • Columbus champion (Georgia), 1975
  • PWF champion (All Japan), 1978-79
  • NWA International tag champion (All Japan), with Ray Candy, 1979
  • United National champion (All Japan), 1980
  • 3-time WWC Universal champion (Puerto Rico), 1982, 1990, 1996
  • WWC North American champion (Puerto Rico), 1988

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