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Pictured above: Gene Kiniski, Dino Bravo, Missing Link, Rick Martel, Sweet Daddy Siki, Ivan Koloff, Edouard Carpentier, Pat Patterson, Bret Hart

Canada has been a hotbed of professional wrestling for almost as long as the sport has existed. From coast-to-coast, not only have Canadian fans supported some of the most successful promotions in the business, many Canadians have also become some of the biggest names to step into the ring. One American wrestling magazine in the early 1970s listed the 50 top wrestlers of the time -- and over a quarter of them were Canadians.

Toronto Wrestling History
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Record gates
Toronto has been the site of two of the biggest gates in pro wrestling history. More than 74,000 people packed Exhibition Stadium to see a rather routine WWF show in 1986, headlined by Hulk Hogan vs. Paul Orndorff. And those gate records were eclipsed by Wrestlemania VI at SkyDome in 1990, when 64,287 fans paid a staggering $3.4 million -- U.S.! -- making it the largest gate in North American history.

Star wrestlers
Several Canadians have been recognized as world champions, including Yvon Robert, Whipper Billy Watson, Gene Kiniski, and Ron Garvin, who all held the prized NWA world title. Bret Hart is a 5-time holder of the most prominent championship of the last decade, the WWF title, which was held in the 1970s by Canadians Ivan Koloff and Stan Stasiak.

Mad Dog Vachon was a 5-time AWA champion in the 1960s; Rick Martel held the same title in the mid-80s. Edouard Carpentier, Johnny & Jacques Rougeau, Johnny Powers, Killer Kowalski, Waldo Von Erich, Don Leo Jonathan, John Quinn, Abdullah the Butcher, and Tiger Jeet Singh have all been recognized as world heavyweight champions by major promotions. And many others have been recognized as a member of a world champion tag team.

Criteria for inclusion
The Canadian Pro Wrestling Page of Fame™ recognizes those who have made major achievements within the business of professional wrestling. It was the first website to profile the top Canadian wrestling stars of the past and present. The criterion for inclusion in the list -- along with a distinguished career in pro wrestling -- is that it has to be reasonable to call the wrestler a Canadian. All these wrestlers were either born in Canada or spent most of their career living and working here.

Several wrestlers that regularly get recommended for the list do not qualify. For example, Andre the Giant was a French wrestler who passed through Montreal before moving to the U.S. Calling him a Canadian would be a stretch. Similarly, Dynamite Kid is an English wrestler who worked in Calgary for a while. He's not Canadian. Davey Boy Smith married a Canadian and lives in Calgary, so you could make a good case for him, but I associate him more with England than Canada.

If we start calling everyone who worked in Canada regularly for a period of time a Canadian, then just about everyone from Lou Thesz, The Sheik, and Bruno Sammartino on down would qualify.

Future inductees
Some of the wrestlers currently in the Honourable Mention / Future Inductees list were more popular and had longer careers than some of the names profiled in the Page of Fame. I hope to give several more the profile they deserve sometime in the future.

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Abdullah The Butcher
Announcers & writers
Fred Atkins

Baillargeon Brothers
The Beast
Brute Bernard
Dino Bravo
Gino Brito
"Bulldog" Bob Brown
Leo Burke

George Cannon
Edouard Carpentier
Lionel Conacher
Eddy Creatchman

Paul Diamond
Michel Dubois / Alexis Smirnoff

Eric the Red / Eric the Animal

Pat Flanagan

Ron Garvin
Terry Garvin
George Gordienko
Archie Gouldie / Mongolian Stomper
Rene Goulet

Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Bruce Hart & Keith Hart
Frankie Hart
Stu Hart

Don Jardine / The Spoiler
Chris Jericho
Rocky Johnson
Don Leo Jonathan

Alex Kasaboski
Babe Kasaboski
John Katan
The Kelly Twins: Pat Kelly & Mike Kelly
Gene Kiniski
Ivan Koloff
Sandor Kovacs
Killer Kowalski
Dan Kroffat
Dan Kroffat / Phil Lafon

Lord Athol Layton
Jos Leduc & Paul Leduc
Little Beaver
The Love Brothers: Hartford Love & Reginald Love
Billy "Red" Lyons

Omer Marchessault / La Merveille Masque
Rick Martel
Frenchy Martin
Earl McCready
Al Mills & Tiny Mills
Larry Moquin
Ed Morrow & Jerry Morrow
Angelo Mosca

Bronko Nagurski

Ole Olsen

Tony Parisi
Pat Patterson
"Rowdy" Roddy Piper
Gilles Poisson
Johnny Powers

Eddie Quinn
John Quinn

Yvon Robert
Dewey Robertson / The Missing Link
Johnny Rougeau & Jacques Rougeau
Raymond Rougeau & Jacques Rougeau Jr.
Dave Ruhl

Hans Schmidt
Baron Mikel Scicluna
George Scott & Sandy Scott
Mike Sharpe & Ben Sharpe
Iron Mike Sharpe (Jr.)
Sweet Daddy Siki
Rhonda Singh / Monster Ripper
Tiger Jeet Singh
Stan Stasiak

Tiger Tasker
"Judo" Jack Terry
Chief Thunderbird
Chris Tolos & John Tolos
Al Tomko
Frank Tunney
Jack Tunney
Tarzan Tyler

Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon
Paul "Butcher" Vachon
Vivian Vachon
Frank Valois
Waldo Von Erich
Kurt Von Hess & Karl Von Schotz

Whipper Billy Watson
Sailor White

Scroll down for a list of over 150 more Canadian wrestlers.

Announcers and Writers:
Norm Kimber
Ron Morier
Michel Normandin
Joe Perlove
Fernand St-Marie
Ed Whalen

Honourable mention & future inductees:

Several of these wrestlers had careers that were at least as distinguished as some of the current inductees. Unfortunately, I just don't have the time to do additional profiles right now and it will likely be a long time until more are added.
  • Kenny Ackles
  • Bob Adesky
  • Tony Angelo
  • Ovila Asselin
  • Eddy Auger / Pierre Lasalle
  • Eddie "Flash" Barker
  • Jack Basette
  • Bobby Bass
  • "Mr. Canada" Sammy Berg
  • Big Mac
  • Steve Bolus
  • John Bonello
  • Jack Britton
  • Lou Britton
  • Don Callis / Cyrus
  • Christian
  • Joe "Killer" Christie
  • "Irish" Tom Collins
  • Joe Corbett
  • Jack Corcoran [P]
  • Tom Davies
  • Scotty Dawkins
  • Nick DeCarlo
  • Paul Degalles
  • Bob Dellaserra
  • Rocky Dellaserra
  • Paul DeMarco
  • Johnny Demchuk
  • Joe Devalteau
  • Paul Diamond (Paul Lehman)
  • Rachel Dubois
  • Serge Dumont
  • Al "Bunny" Dunlop
  • Emile Dupré
  • Don Eagle
  • Edge
  • Rod Fenton
  • Diamond Timothy Flowers
  • Johnny Foti
  • Sandor Fozo
  • Hubert Gallant
  • Johnny Gates
  • Timothy Geohagen
  • Geto Mongol
  • Jan Gotch
  • Bull Gregory
  • "Hangman" Neal Guay
  • Al Hamilton (Al Spittles)
  • Johnny Harmon
  • Gil Hayes
  • Lee Henning
  • Frank "Tarzan" Hewitt
  • "Cowboy" Len Hughes
  • "Bullwhip" Danny Johnson
  • Ricky Johnson
  • Ron "Bull" Johnson
  • Johnny K-9
  • Kelly Kiniski
  • Nick Kiniski
  • Klondike Bill / Bill "The Brute" Soloweyko
  • Jack Kogut
  • Al "Krusher" Korman
  • Jerry Kozak
  • Nick Kozak
  • Killer Karl Krupp / Dutch Momberg
  • Pierre Labelle
  • Rene Labelle
  • "Cowboy" Frankie Laine
  • Quebecer Pierre / Jean-Pierre Lafitte
  • Frank Lamarque
  • Frenchy Lamont
  • Bob "Legs" Langevin
  • Tony Lanza
  • Elmer Larsen & Logger Larsen
  • Hugh Larson
  • Jack Laskin
  • Zarinoff LeBeouf / Lumberjack Pierre
  • Sky-Hi Lee
  • Jerry Legault
  • Joffre L'Herrieux
  • Pierre "Mad Dog" Lefebvre
  • Marshall Lewis
  • Bob Lortie
  • Paul Lortie
  • Al Lovelock / Great Bolo
  • Bronco Lubich
  • Luigi Macera
  • "Silent" Brian Mackney
  • Harry Madison
  • Tom Magee
  • Bob Marcus
  • Joe Marcus
  • Howard "Pepper" Martin
  • Roy McClarity / Roy McClarty
  • Dano McDonald
  • Scotty McDougall
  • Velvet McIntyre
  • Pat Meehan
  • Ivan Mickailoff [P]
  • Guy Mitchell / Jerry Valiant
  • Nels Moe
  • Chuck Molnar
  • Moose Morowski
  • Angelo Mosca Jr.
  • Skull Murphy
  • Gordon Nelson
  • Lou "Shoulders" Newman
  • Al Oeming
  • Bud Osborne & Ray Osborne
  • Danno O'Shocker
  • Marcel Ouimet
  • Louis Papineau
  • Bill "Dinty" Parks
  • Herb Parks
  • Reg Parks
  • Stephen Pettipas
  • Lou Pitoscia
  • Ernie Powers
  • Bud Rattel
  • George Richards
  • Lucien Riopel [P]
  • Lionel Robert
  • Maurice Robert
  • Yvon Robert Jr.
  • Buddy Roberts
  • Goldie Rogers
  • Vic Rossitani
  • Frenchy Roy
  • Paddy Ryan
  • Dave Sims
  • "Great" Gama Singh
  • Nanjo Singh
  • Walter Sirois
  • Jimmy Siskay
  • Sky Low Low
  • Cyclone Smith & Hurricane Smith
  • Bill Stack
  • Lance Storm
  • Trish Stratus
  • "Beautiful" Bruce Swayze
  • Bob Sweetan
  • Fred Sweetan
  • Jack Taylor
  • "Earthquake" John Tenta
  • Test
  • Ossie Timmins
  • Tiger Joe Tomasso
  • Eugene Tremblay
  • Al Tucker
  • Alex Turk [P]
  • Luna Vachon
  • Tony Vagnone
  • Vampiro
  • Carl Van Wurden
  • Val Venis
  • Johnny War Eagle
  • Phil Watson / Whipper Watson Jr.
  • Biff Wellington
  • Jack Wentworth
  • The Wildman / Gene Dubois
  • The Wolfman
  • Terry Yorkston
  • Ed "Tarzan" Zimba
  • Al Zinck [P]
  • Steve Zold
  • Abe Zvonkin

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