TITLE HISTORY: International Tag Team Title

61/06/08      Stan Stasiak & Man Mountain CampbellToronto, ON
   Defeat Ivan Kalmikoff & Karol Kalmikoff in tournament final to become first champions
61/09/07Cyclone Smith & Hurricane SmithToronto, ON
61/12/07Chris Tolos & John TolosToronto, ON
61/12/28Whipper Billy Watson & Yukon EricToronto, ON
62/01/04Chris Tolos & John Tolos [2]Toronto, ON
62/01/18Whipper Billy Watson & Bill "The Brute" SoloweykoToronto, ON
62/03/15Chris Tolos & John Tolos [3]Toronto, ON
62/03/28Whipper Billy Watson & Billy Red LyonsToronto, ON
62/04/04Bulldog Brower & Sweet Daddy SikiToronto, ON
62/09/27Whipper Billy Watson & Bruno SammartinoToronto, ON
63/02/28Bulldog Brower & Johnny ValentineToronto, ON
63/07/25Seaman Art Thomas & John Paul HenningToronto, ON
63/10/17Bulldog Brower & Dr. Jerry GrahamToronto, ON
63/12/05Johnny Valentine & Jim HadyToronto, ON
64/07<Professor Hiro & Fred Atkins
64/08/13Whipper Billy Watson & Johnny ValentineToronto, ON
64/09/17Professor Hiro & Fred Atkins [2]Toronto, ON
64/10/09Whipper Billy Watson & Johnny Valentine [2]Toronto, ON
   Title is inactive for all of 1965
66/01/09Masked Yankees: Dandy & DoodleToronto, ON
66/07/10Whipper Billy Watson & Bulldog BrowerToronto, ON
66/07/31Tiger Jeet Singh & Fred AtkinsToronto, ON
67/10<Whipper Billy Watson & Bulldog Brower [2]
   Title is inactive for most of 1967 and Watson & Brower are suddenly billed as champions
68/05/26Tiger Jeet Singh & Wild Bull CurryToronto, ON
68/08/25Whipper Billy Watson & Mark LewinToronto, ON
74/03/17Love Brothers: Reginald Love & Hartford LoveToronto, ON
   Defeat Jacques Rougeau & Raymond Rougeau
74/06/23Crusader Dewey Robertson & Billy Red LyonsToronto, ON
74/09/08Love Brothers: Reginald Love & Hartford Love [2]Toronto, ON
74/12/29Crusaders: Dewey Robertson & Billy Red Lyons [2]Toronto, ON
75/06/08Kelly Twins: Pat Kelly & Mike KellyToronto, ON
75/08/24Crusaders: Dewey Robertson & Billy Red Lyons [3]Toronto, ON