TITLE HISTORY: Canadian Open Tag Team Title

52/08/28      Whipper Billy Watson & Pat FlanaganToronto, ON
   Defeat Lord Athol Layton & Hans Hermann in tournament final to become first champions; presented the Calvert Trophy
52/12/11Lou Plummer & Dick RainesToronto, ON
53/06/25Whipper Billy Watson & Yvon RobertToronto, ON
53/11/26Al Mills & Tiny MillsToronto, ON
54/01/14Whipper Billy Watson & Hombre MontanaToronto, ON
   Mills Brothers destroy the Calvert Trophy after the match
54/02/11Al Mills & Tiny Mills [2]Toronto, ON
   Presented the George Richards Trophy by George Richards
54/06/02Whipper Billy Watson & Tex McKenzieLondon, ON
54/07/08Great Togo & Tosh TogoToronto, ON
54/10/28Luther Lindsey & Jack ClaybourneToronto, ON
54/12/09Ivan Kalmikoff & Karol Kalmikoff Toronto, ON
55/08/04Whipper Billy Watson & Antonino RoccaToronto, ON
   Rocca no longer wrestling in the area
55/12/01Whipper Billy Watson & Yukon EricToronto, ON
   Defeat Fritz Von Erich & Karl Von Schober
55/12/29Fritz Von Erich & Karl Von SchoberToronto, ON
56/08/16Joe Brunetti & Guy BrunettiToronto, ON
56/09/20Dick Hutton & Hardboiled HaggertyToronto, ON
56/09/27Joe Brunetti & Guy Brunetti [2]Toronto, ON
57/02/12Bill Miller & Ed MillerHamilton, ON
57/05/09Whipper Billy Watson & Pat O'ConnorToronto, ON
57/10/31Gene Kiniski & Fritz Von ErichToronto, ON
58/02/13Whipper Billy Watson & Yukon Eric [2]Toronto, ON
58/03/20Reggie Lisowski & Stan LisowskiToronto, ON
58/05/22Whipper Billy Watson & Bobo BrazilToronto, ON
58/06/12Ivan Kalmikoff & Karol Kalmikoff [2]Toronto, ON
58/07/10Yukon Eric & Dara SinghToronto, ON
58/08/07Reggie Lisowski & Stan Lisowski [2]Toronto, ON
58/08/28Whipper Billy Watson & Frenchy VignalToronto, ON
58/10/09Ivan Kalmikoff & Nikita Kalmikoff Toronto, ON
   One report says the Kalmikoffs win the title 58/09/24, London, ON
58/11/13Whipper Billy Watson & Yukon Eric [3]Toronto, ON
59/10/29Gene Kiniski & Don Leo JonathanToronto, ON
60/01/14Whipper Billy Watson & Ilio DiPaoloToronto, ON
60/12/29Tiny Mills & Krusher KowalskiToronto, ON
61/01/26Ilio DiPaolo & Billy Red LyonsToronto, ON