1973 RESULTS: Local debuts for Brisco, Race, Bravo

Toronto debuts for Harley Race, Jack Brisco, Dino Bravo, Steve Bolus, Bobby Bass, Thunderbolt Patterson, Shillelagh O'Sullivan, and Ron Doner. Final Gardens appearances for Pat O'Connor, Johnny Powers, Mighty Ursus, Wild Bull Curry, Flying Fred Curry, Dandy Dan Miller, Bearcat Wright, Paul DeMarco, Nikita Kalmikoff, and Ron "Bull" Johnson,

All shows at Maple Leaf Gardens and promoted by Frank Tunney unless otherwise noted.

73/01/14          Att: 13,000-
The Sheik DCOR Tiger Jeet Singh10:35
Pampero Firpo W Ivan Kalmikoff1:52
Chief Jay Strongbow W Ron Bull Johnson4:45
Johnny Valentine W Mighty Ursus11:06
Great Kabooki W Big Mike Loren5:31
Lord Athol Layton WDQ Killer Brooks
Tony Parisi/Dominic Denucci
W Lou Klein/Eric the Red2:31
Kurt Von Hess/Karl Von Schotz
    D Mighty Igor/Luis Martinez15:00
Ben Justice/Haystack Calhoun
D Hans Schmidt/Dandy Dan Miller15:00
The Beast/Sweet Daddy Siki
D Big Brutus/Lee Henning15:00
Love Brothers: Reginald Love/Hartford Love
D Bulldog Brower/Tony Marino15:00
73/02/04          Att: 14,000-
The Sheik W Tiger Jeet Singh 7:06
(Singh billed as North American champion)
Kurt Von Hess/Karl Von Schotz
D Bulldog Brower/Haystack Calhoun15:00
Luis Martinez W Big Mike Loren7:26
Tony Marino W Nikita Kalmikoff2:07
The Beast W Johnny Carr10:34
Great Kabooki W Ivan Kalmikoff8:49
Sweet Daddy Siki WDQ Butcher Vachon7:31
(subs for The Beast)
Mad Dog Vachon W Gino Brito5:49
(Vachon's first singles match in Toronto)
Johnny Valentine W Arnold Skaaland9:52
(subs for Masked Marvel)
Tony Parisi/Dominic Denucci
W Eric the Red/Lou Klein8:51
Mighty Igor/Lord Athol Layton
D Big Brutus/Lee Henning
73/02/11          Att: 14,000+
Dory Funk Jr W Johnny Valentine28:12
The Sheik WCNC Tony Marino6:20
Bulldog Brower W Big Mike Loren9:59
Pampero Firpo W Ivan Kalmikoff 1:37
Tony Parisi/Dominic Denucci
WDQ Killer Brooks/Great Kabooki12:55
Lord Athol Layton/The Beast
WDQ Eric the Red/Big Brutus8:45
Tex McKenzie/Luis Martinez
W Butcher Vachon/Bull Gregory7:05
Haystack Calhoun/Fred Curry
D Lee Henning/Dandy Dan Miller15:00
Kurt Von Hess/Karl Von Schotz
D Sweet Daddy Siki/Mighty Igor15:00
73/03/04          Att: 15,000
The Sheik DNC Chief Jay Strongbow3:48
Pampero Firpo W Great Gama0:27
Tony Marino W Ivan Kalmikoff3:59
Dino Bravo D Maxim Zaranoff
Jacques Rougeau/Raymond Rougeau
WDQ Kurt Von Hess/Karl Von Schotz10:00
Mighty Igor/Sweet Daddy Siki
W Masked Marvel/Lou Klein10:20
Shillelagh O'Sullivan W Johnny Carr1:13
(O'Sullivan managed by Paul Rimstead)
Mike Loren/Dandy Dan Miller
D Tony Parisi/Dominic Denucci15:00
Great Kabooki/Hans Schmidt
D Flying Fred Curry/Haystack Calhoun15:00
Killer Tim Brooks/Lee Henning
D The Beast/Lord Athol Layton15:00
Big John Quinn/Big Brutus
D Tex McKenzie/Luis Martinez15:00
73/03/18          Att: 14,000
The Sheik DDQ Chief Jay Strongbow3:40
Haystack Calhoun/Mighty Igor
D Great Kabuki/Dandy Dan Miller15:00
Tony Marino W Mike Loren10:52
The Beast D Eric the Red
Dominic Denucci D Geto Mongol
Shillelagh O'Sullivan W Lee Henning5:20
Big Brutus/Bulldog Brower
D Tex McKenzie/Lord Athol Layton15:00
Dandy Dan Miller/Sweet Daddy Siki
D Jacques Rougeau/Raymond Rougeau15:00
Tiger Jeet Singh WDQ Hans Schmidt10:30
Pampero Firpo W Ivan Kalmikoff1:29
73/04/01          Att: 15,000
The Sheik WCNC Chief Jay Strongbow1:52
(Calhoun is KOd by Sheik before the match and is replaced by Tiger Tasker)
The Beast WDQ Great Kabooki10:44
Shillelagh O'Sullivan WDQ Lee Henning5:39
Pampero Firpo W Lou Klein1:39
Tiger Jeet Singh W Mike Loren8:52
Gino Brito/Dino Bravo
D Mad Dog Vachon/Butcher Vachon15:00
Jacques Rougeau/Raymond Rougeau
D Kurt Von Hess/Karl Von Schotz15:00
Big Brutus/Dandy Dan Miller
D Tony Marino/Dominic Denucci15:00
Tex McKenzie/Lord Athol Layton
W Masked Marvel/Dandy Dan Miller 5:52
(subs for Bulldog Brower)
Geto Mongol/Hans Schmidt
W Mighty Igor/Ivan Kalmikoff11:56
The Sheik W Lord Athol Layton6:21
Tiger Jeet Singh W Big Brutus8:02
Pampero Firpo W Haystack Calhoun4:11
Killer Kowalski W Frenchy Martin3:53
The Beast W Great Kabooki8:12
J.B. Psycho W Iron Mike Loren7:28
Dominic Denucci/Tony Marino
WDQ Kurt Von Hess/Karl Von Schotz11:05
Eric the Red/Lee Henning
D Shillelagh O'Sullivan/Tarzan Zorra15:00
Bulldog Brower/Hans Schmidt
D Tex McKenzie/Luis Martinez15:00
Sweet Daddy Siki/Dandy Dan Miller
D Jacques Rougeau/
Raymond Rougeau15:00
73/04/29          Att: 11,000-
The Sheik W Chief Jay Strongbow20:48
Tiger Jeet Singh W Mighty Ursus11:01
Killer Kowalski W Dino Bravo1:23
The Beast D Sweet Daddy Siki
Women: Kathy Casey D Linda Klein10:00
Tony Parisi/Dominic Denucci
W Big Brutus/Lee Henning5:18
Shillelagh O'Sullivan
WDQ Masked Marvel8:43
Mike Loren/Great Kabooki
D Tex McKenzie/Ben Justice15:00
Eric the Red/Hans Schmidt
D Jacques Rougeau/
Raymond Rougeau15:00
The Sheik D Bobo Brazil60:00
Fabulous Moolah W Lilly Thomas (2/3)
Tony Marino W Mike Loren
Chris Tolos W Lou Klein
Johnny Valentine W Ivan Kalmikoff
Mighty Igor/Ron Doner
W Hans Schmidt/Masked Marvel
Women: Tippy Wells W Dottie Downs
Eric the Red/Sweet Daddy Siki
D Tony Parisi/Dominic Denucci
Lee Henning/Dandy Dan Miller
D Shillelagh O'Sullivan/The Beast
73/05/27          Att: 12,000
The Sheik DDQ Bobo Brazil9:46
Baron Mikel Scicluna/Chris Tolos
D Tony Parisi/Dominic Denucci 15:00
Johnny Valentine W Masked Marvel6:00
(advertised as Valentine vs Mighty Ursus and Marvel vs Magnificant Zulu)
Pampero Firpo W Sweet Daddy Siki1:51
Hans Schmidt D Ben Justice15:00
Eric the Red/Lee Henning
D The Beast/Ron Doner 15:00
Shillelagh O'Sullivan D Pat Scott15:00
Mike Loren D Dandy Dan Miller15:00
73/06/10          Att: 10,000
The Sheik W Bobo Brazil12:56
Eric the Animal W Ron Doner5:02
Paul DeMarco W Lou Klein11:17
Johnny Valentine WDQ Great Kabooki7:25
Pampero Firpo W Mario Frattaroli
Tony Marino W Dandy Dan Miller6:29
Tony Parisi/Dominic Denucci
W Hans Schmidt/Mighty Ursus10:00
The Beast/Luis Martinez
D Chris Tolos/Baron Mikel Scicluna15:00
Ben Justice D Lee Henning15:00
Midgets: Joey Russell W Pee Wee Adams
73/06/24          Att: 10,000
Harley Race W Pat O'Connor19:26
The Sheik W Eric the Animal6:24
Pampero Firpo W Ivan Kalmikoff
Bobo Brazil W Lee Henning
Mighty Igor W Lou Klein
Johnny Valentine W Ray Elmore
Luis Martinez WDQ Paul DeMarco
The Beast/Ron Doner
D Baron Mikel Scicluna/Chris Tolos
Tony Parisi/Dominic Denucci
D Hans Schmidt/Black Angus
The Sheik WCOR Pampero Firpo12:18
Johnny Valentine W Dandy Dan Miller2:14
Tony Marino/Luis Martinez
W Dandy Dan Miller/Lou Klein12:52
Dominic Denucci/The Beast
D Chris Tolos/Baron Mikel Scicluna15:00
Mighty Igor/Ron Doner
D Hans Schmidt/Lee Henning15:00
Tiger Jeet Singh W Ray Elmore10:41
Wild Bull Curry W Ivan Kalmikoff4:48
Paul DeMarco W Executioner6:13
Tony Parisi WDQ Eric the Animal4:06
Ben Justice D Great Kabooki15:00
73/07/22          Att: 10,000
The Sheik WDQ Johnny Valentine 3:18
(Johnny Powers interferes)
Johnny Powers W Dandy Dan Miller 1:50
(Sheik bloodies Powers)
Tony Parisi/Dominic Denucci
W Mongols: Geto/Bolo 9:26
Magnificent Zulu WDQ Lee Henning6:26
(subs for Wild Bull Curry)
Tiger Jeet Singh
WCOR Baron Mikel Scicluna5:32
Paul DeMarco W Johnny Carr9:17
Pampero Firpo WCNC Tony Marino8:43
Eric the Animal D The Beast15:00
Ben Justice D Ron Doner15:00
Ron Doner/Executioner
D Chris Tolos/Hans Schmidt15:00
73/08/12          Att: 12,000-
The Sheik DCOR Johnny Powers4:37
Mongols: Geto/Bolo
WDQ Tony Parisi/Dominic Denucci 7:36
Tiger Jeet Singh W Executioner7:40
Tony Marino WCOR Ben Justice11:18
Paul DeMarco W Ron Doner10:42
Susan Green W Paula Kaye (2-0)19:21
Lee Henning/Mike Loren
D Ivan Kalmikoff/Lou Klein15:00
Sweet Daddy Siki/Eric the Animal
D Billy Red Lyons/The Beast15:00
(Lyons first appearance since 1967)
Mighty Igor/Steve Bolus
W Chris Tolos/Masked Marvel6:56
(subs for Great Kabuki)
Also advertised:
Hans Schmidt, J.B. Psycho, Magnificent Zulu
73/08/26 - [No Sheik]          Att: 11,000-
Johnny Valentine D Johnny Powers 45:00
(Valentine wins coin toss to face Sheik next show; main event was advertised as death match between Sheik and Powers, but Sheik is announced as being sick)
Tiger Jeet Singh WCOR Paul DeMarco9:14
Mighty Igor WCOR J.B. Psycho6:44
Ron Doner W Ivan Kalmikoff5:54
Women: Susan Green W Paula Kaye8:16
Billy Red Lyons D Eric the Animal15:00
Tony Parisi/Dominic Denucci
DDQ Mongols: Geto/Bolo1:52
Steve Bolus/The Beast
W Chris Tolos/Lee Henning12:50
Sweet Daddy Siki/Bearcat Wright
W Butcher Vachon/Executioner5:16
73/09/09 - [No Sheik]
Johnny Valentine WDQ Pampero Firpo24:18
(subs for The Sheik, who is still said to be sick)
The Beast WCOR J.B. Psycho5:42
Tony Marino W Ben Justice7:55
Eric the Animal W Ivan Kalmikoff2:21
Bearcat Wright W Lou Klein5:18
Sonny King D Frankie Laine15:00
Billy Red Lyons D Chris Tolos15:00
Tex McKenzie/Mighty Igor
W Hans Schmidt/Lee Henning10:03
Mongols: Geto/Bolo
W Steve Bolus/Ron Doner5:26
Tony Parisi/Dominic Denucci
W Butcher Vachon/Executioner10:02
73/09/23          Att: 10,000
Jack Brisco W Eric the Animal12:06
The Sheik W Tony Marino4:13
Ben Justice D Lee Henning15:00
Pampero Firpo W Mike Loren4:12
The Beast WDQ Executioner9:10
Hans Schmidt/Chris Tolos
D Steve Bolus/Ron Doner15:00
Mongols: Geto/Bolo
D Tex McKenzie/Billy Red Lyons15:00
Bearcat Wright/Sonny King
W J.B. Psycho/Pat Scott2:05
Tony Parisi W Sputnik Monroe10:22
73/10/14          Att: 12,000-
The Sheik W Johnny Powers3:14
Billy Red Lyons/Tony Marino
WDQ Great Kabuki/Ben Justice
Love Brothers: Reginald Love/Hartford Love
W Sweet Daddy Siki/Lou Klein8:21
Bearcat Wright/Thunderbolt Patterson
W Dan Miller/Gypsy Joe8:55
Tony Parisi/Dominic Denucci
W Chris Tolos/Executioner12:20
Kurt Von Hess/Karl Von Schotz
D Tex McKenzie/Mighty Igor15:00
J.B. Psycho WDQ Big Brutus5:36
Pampero Firpo W Cowboy Frankie Laine3:04
Eric the Animal W Ivan Kalmikoff8:09
Hans Schmidt/Lee Henning
D Ron Doner/The Beast15:00
73/10/28          Att: 11,000
The Sheik W Johnny Powers7:24
Dandy Dan Miller/Ben Justice
D J.B. Psycho/Tex McKenzie15:00
Kurt Von Hess/Karl Von Schotz
W Mighty Igor/Lou Klein9:52
Ron Doner/Sweet Daddy Siki
D Chris Tolos/Hans Schmidt15:00
Bearcat Wright W Cowboy Frankie Laine
Tony Marino W Great Kabuki9:10
Love Brothers: Reginald Love/Hartford Love
W The Beast/Executioner9:48
Eric the Animal W Billy Red Lyons15:00
Pampero Firpo W Gypsy Joe2:42
Tony Parisi/Dominic Denucci
W Lee Henning/Big Brutus7:52
The Sheik WDQ Bearcat Wright
(Denucci interferes) 2:28
Dominic Denucci W Gypsy Joe
(Sheik attacks Denucci)0:12
Tex McKenzie/The Beast
D Chris Tolos/Dan Miller15:00
Mike Loren WDQ Eric the Animal10:42
Magnificent Zulu WDQ Lee Henning 6:16
Hans Schmidt D Sweet Daddy Siki15:00
Pampero Firpo W Big Brutus 2:34
Love Brothers: Reginald Love/Hartford Love
W Billy Red Lyons/Ron Doner13:21
J.B. Psycho W Executioner 8:34
Tony Parisi/Tony Marino
WCOR Ben Justice/Frankie Laine10:51
73/11/25          Att: 10,000-
The Sheik DCOR Dominic Denucci3:42
Love Brothers: Reginald Love/Hartford Love
W Executioner/Bearcat Wright13:34
Dan Miller/Sweet Daddy Siki
WDQ Kurt Von Hess/Karl Von Schotz18:19
Billy Red Lyons W Gypsy Joe12:35
Hans Schmidt W Mighty Ursus9:52
Big Brutus D Lou Klein15:00
Ron Doner D Lee Henning15:00
The Beast D Chris Tolos15:00
The Sheik W Dominic Denucci9:16
Johnny Valentine W Sweet Daddy Siki28:35
Pampero Firpo W Lee Henning10:46
Love Brothers: Reginald Love/Hartford Love
D Mighty Igor/Ivan Kalmikoff12:22
Billy Red Lyons W Executioner3:41
Tony Parisi/The Beast
W Chris Tolos/Big Brutus14:10
Eric the Animal W Lou Klein9:46
Dan Miller D Ben Justice15:00
73/12/16          Att: 10,500
Jack Brisco WDQ Johnny Valentine18:52
The Sheik W Billy Red Lyons4:45
Love Brothers: Reginald Love/
Hartford Love D Raymond Rougeau/
Sweet Daddy Siki45:00
(subs for Jacques Rougeau)
Eric the Animal W Lou Klein8:22
Midgets: Sky Low Low W Little Brutus8:12
Tiger Jeet Singh W Duke Alexander9:04
Tony Parisi/Dominic Denucci
W Big Brutus/Executioner12:21
The Beast/Ron Doner
D Chris Tolos/Lee Henning15:00
Mike Loren WDQ Ben Justice9:25
73/12/30          Att: 18,000
The Sheik DCOR Andre the Giant2:58
Johnny Valentine W Big Brutus14:53
Tiger Jeet Singh W Bobby Bass0:51
Executioner W Pepe DiPasquale8:22
Billy Red Lyons W Eric the Animal8:46
Tony Parisi WDQ Baron Mikel Scicluna10:14
Jacques Rougeau/Raymond Rougeau
D Love Brothers: Reginald Love/
Hartford Love
Dan Miller/Ben Justice
D Lou Klein/Mike Loren15:00
The Beast/Ron Doner
D Chris Tolos/Lee Henning15:00